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The Foundation CMG / Frank and Sarah Meyer Collaboration Centre was made possible by a generous donation from CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation Frank and Sarah Meyer, which provides vital learning space and leading-edge technologies for the faculty, researchers and students of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary.

This research lab allows students, researchers and industry partners to work collaboratively to integrate technology and tools for addressing simulation and visualization challenges. We provide leading-edge infrastructure to facilitate exploration, comprehension and analysis across a magnitude of interdisciplinary domains. When we see collaborative work fostered between domain experts, we find infinite potential for visibly better solutions to complex scientific problems.

Our mission is to bring our research software and hardware work to industry needs and nurture community-engaging activities to transform visualization and analytical paradigms and uncover the unbounded potential for discovery. With the facilities at the Collaboration Centre, combined with our team of experts, we deliver novel visualization approaches to meet the needs of our collaborators.

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Virtual Reality Calgary

Scientific and Information Visualization

Our advanced facility is compatible with input from any domain and can produce graphically meticulous models designed to allow easy comprehension of data and enable scientific insight.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Consulting

Designing immersive 3D environments to redefine solutions to scientific and visualization challenges. Exploring capabilities of our infrastructure to improve engagement with your data.

Virtual Reality Calgary
Virtual Reality Calgary

Prototype Development

Visually represent conceptual ideation in 3D to understand how it will look and work in the real world with progressive design and implementation software techniques.

3D User Interface Consultation

In-house experts providing everything from design and usability guidance to full scope custom UI solutions that translate to a seamless user experience.

Virtual Reality Calgary
Virtual Reality Calgary

Display and Smart Space Consulting

Expertise and mature visualization techniques to handle the design, development and performance of your next smart space.

Development and Concept Support

Generating and communicating new possibilities through interactive displays using multi-touch devices, while providing support to determine the best interface to maximize the potential of your concept throughout the development process.

Virtual Reality Calgary
Virtual Reality Calgary

Scientific Programming

Breadth and depth experience in many models of computation including simulation of spatial behavior, analysis and visualization, algorithmic machine learning, big data analytics and comprehensive perspectives through 3D applications.

Performance Engineering

Well-established guidelines for the facility which aim to allow tremendous inputs of scientific data to perform designated tasks optimally in both software and hardware.

Virtual Reality Calgary


Virtual Reality Calgary

CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment

Hybrid 2D and 3D high-performance immersive environment that brings together the fundamentals of visualization and collaboration for analysis of data

Virtual Reality Calgary

Augmented and Virtual
Reality (AR/VR)

Utilizing the spectrum of capabilities offered by VR with both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to model, view, interact and understand complex scientific data.

Virtual Reality Calgary

Touch Tables

Interactive touch tables that allows the ease of a bird’s eye exploration individually or through a team in the development of any concept.

Virtual Reality Calgary


The research, design, construction and operation of Robotics Engineering. Understanding capabilities in multidisciplinary domains through prototypes of small and large robots.

Virtual Reality Calgary

Tracking Systems

Uncover the potential of tracking systems within high-performance computing models like the CAVE and the HTC Vive. Tracking techniques in drones for gathering data from a superior viewpoint.

Virtual Reality Calgary

Video Conferencing

Recognize and enable excellence when research experts, industry partners and the wider community from around the world are brought together using a platform to conduct organizational meetings for collaboration.


Zhangxing (John) Chen

Zhangxing (John) Chen

Primary Investigator
Jamie McInnis

Jamie McInnis

Project Manager
Stephen Cartwright

Stephen Cartwright

Technical Manager
Roberta Mota

Roberta Mota

Research Associate
Steven Samoil

Steven Samoil

Research Engineer


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  • News and Events

    UTODAY: Thirty years of science and math add up to prestigious honour for engineering professor

    July 17, 2017

    The Schulich School of Engineering academic star was officially presented with the 2017 CAIMS-Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize, one of Canada’s top awards for industrial mathematics and among the world’s most prestigious math prizes.

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    Stephen Cartwright

    CBS News: Researchers want to improve bottom lines through virtual reality

    April 05, 2017

    A University of Calgary scientist says his virtual reality lab will be key to developing cheaper and greener methods of oil extraction. The group of researchers and scholars have developed a virtual reality interface that allows engineers to build simulations of drilling sites or reservoir layers.

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